Update Award on HeroPay

As with each year, Fair Work Australia will conduct an annual wage review which often means
an increase to base rates for employees paid under a Modern Award.

For customers using the pre-built Industry Awards, new versions of these Award packages
will be published on 1 July 2018 with the applicable rate changes included. Once there are updates related to the award, you will see notification on Payroll Platform's dashboard, as example in below screenshot


Once you click on "here for further information", you will be able to see what the updates are. Once you click on "apply the updates", you will be able to select which part of the award you want to update. 

  • Update Rule Sets - Yes to update any new pay condition rules related to the award
  • Preserve Custom Rules - Yes to keep the custom rules that have been created for your org
  • Preserve Disabled Rules - Yes to keep the rules that have been disabled for your org
  • Update Pay Rates - Yes to update any new pay rates related to the award.

Note: It’s important to note that any rate changes will apply to new pay runs and to the whole pay run period. Any pay runs that are currently in progress will keep the rates that are currently applied. After you update pay rates, the new rates will apply to whole pay run period; if your pay run period cover both June and July, you need to make manual adjustment to rate for hours in June. Alternatively, you can create a pay run up to 30 June 2018, update award for new rates and create a pay run from 1 July 2018. 

Once you select Yes or No for above options and click Install, the update will be applied. Please note after that, rule set period will be reverted to original setting of the award (e.g rule set period originally under award is 4 Weekly, but for your org rule set period is customized as Weekly. After you updated award on payroll platform, rule set period will be reverted to 4 Weekly). Remember to check below after updates

  • Check the rule set period and change it to period applicable for your org
  • Check if custom and/or disabled rules are in correct order

Lastly, remember to update on HR Platform. Please refer to this link for instruction to update information from Payroll Platform to HR Platform.  

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