How do I adjust tax manually?

In cases where tax needs to be adjusted manually, you can go to payrun, employee's pay,at the bottom click on "Actions" where there is option to "adjust PAYG" click on this and add the desired amount that needs adjusting. Follow below step by step Instructions.

To adjust PAYG you need to:

  1. Open the (unlocked) pay run and click on the employee for whom it applies.
  2. In the drop down box, click on the "PAYG" option within the blue "Actions" tab in the bottom right hand corner.

  3. When you click the "Adjust PAYG" button, a new line will show in the dialog box that says "PAYG Adjustments"
  4. You are able to make notes for the PAYG adjustment
  5. You are required to enter the dollar amount that you wish the adjustment to be for. 
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