Leave Request Sync Fail: Couldn't find object for API End Point


Are you currently connected to Xero and have a Leave Request Sync Fail with the reason of: No - Couldn't find object for API Endpoint?


The most likely cause of this is:

- The leave request was created on the HR Platform and Approved

- Leave Request synced to Payroll

- Leave Request deleted on Payroll

- Edit of the leave request occurred on the HR Platform

- Leave Request was approved again, but sync failed


The reason for this is that the Leave Request on HR is trying to update the Leave Request on Xero, however, it is no longer there (since it was deleted). The best way to resolve this would:


- Delete that leave request on Employment Hero HR

- Re-create that leave request

- On approval it will successfully sync to payroll (Unless there is a different sync error that may occur)

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