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 I want to integrate with Xero. Is there a fee?

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 I can confirm there is no fee for integrating EH to Xero.

Please note that if you already have employees in EH as well as Xero, you will need to ensure that their 'Account emails' in EH matches what is in Xero before you carry out the integration. Should EH detect that the employee record in EH matches the email in Xero, you will be prompted to decide which data you would like to use in EH i.e. keep what is currently in EH or extract what is in Xero to override current employee data in EH.

If the same employee in EH has a different email in Xero, a new employee record will be created and you will need to manually delete these new employee records that you don't need.

Another important thing to note is that EH integrates to Xero and not the other way around.

So whilst we extract most (new) employee data from Xero during the integration person, after the integration, any changes you make in Xero will not sync over to EH.

You will need make these changes to employees' records in EH which would then sync over to Xero.

Also, in regards to your query with sending bank and super details from EH to Xero, EH can send bank details, but not super details.

We have an in-depth article here which outlines what information can be sent to particular payroll platforms.

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