Step 2A: Connecting to Payroll


Under General Settings > Add-ons, click on connect on the right-hand side next to the relevant payroll platform and you follow the steps to connect. 


What is Payroll Integration?

How does the Payroll integration work?

When you first connect to payroll, Employment Hero pulls data from your payroll platform to create your Employee files.

From that point however you should consider Employment Hero your source of truth, as an ESS this is where you and your employees should be updating data. Employment Hero automatically then pushes data back to your payroll platform. We don't automatically update from your payroll platform but if you need to do so you can do a manual update under General Settings > Add-ons > Actions > Update 


Then select the specific details you want to 'Update from Payroll'



Familiarise yourself with the integration of your payroll

We do have a different level of integration with each payroll platform so do ensure you familiarise yourself with what data is imported from your payroll platform and what isn't. This guide shows you both, what information is imported when you run the initial connection, and what information will be passed back to your payroll platform. 

Specific articles on each of the payroll platforms are below:

Xero Payroll Integration

MYOB Payroll Integration

QuickBooks Online Payroll Integration

KeyPay Payroll Integration

HeroPay Payroll Integration



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