Step 1: Complete your Company Settings

General Setting > Company Settings > Profile 


Company Name: How your business is best known. Your employing entity name is what is used on Reports, documents, and contracts.

Phone: Check the best phone number to contact the Employment Hero administrator is in here.

Industry Category: Select from the dropdown the industry that your company works within.

Number of Employees: This allows us to offer you features that best suit your needs.

Logo: You can upload your company logo here if you wish to display this on built-in contracts or policies.

Payroll Admin emails: Your payroll contact email address (your payroll manager/administrator who you would like to be notified of any changes that would affect your payroll)


General Setting > Company Settings > Address

This would be your head office address. If you have multiple office/store locations you can create multiple locations later.


General Setting > Company Settings > Employment Settings

Hover over the ? icons to see a description of what each field means.

Check each of these details.

Important fields to double check:

We generally recommend you remain in Setup mode until you're ready to launch Employment Hero to your employees - This prevents emails from being sent to your employees from the platform.

Typical work day - it is important you have the right number of hours in this field as this will determine how many hours are deducted if employees submit leave for example. If you have some employees that have a different typical work day to others, you can change this on an individual basis in each Employees file, so enter the most common typical work day in this field.

Please note: if you are connecting to Xero or MYOB the typical work day field does not sync from these payroll platforms so you will want to ensure the number here matches the details you have on your payroll platform.


General Settings > Preferred Super Fund Details

This is where you will enter your companies preferred super fund details.

You would need to enter the Fund name & Product Identification Number (SPIN/USI). When your employees go through paperless onboarding on Employment Hero, they will then have the option to choose your companies preferred super fund - or they can opt for their own still.


General Setting > Company Settings > Employing Entities

Click Actions, Edit, and you can add your ABN in here. If you have multiple employing entities and you wish to manage these within one EH account, you can add them here. This will allow you to onboard employees into multiple employing entities with one Employment Hero account.



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