Step 3: Configure Teams, Locations & Reporting Lines

Before adding any documents into the platform, you will want to set up your Teams, Locations, and Reporting Lines. 

Note: If you have connected to Payroll, these details don't automatically pull so you will need to manually update these details now in Employment Hero.


Personnel > Import Employees  

You can use our CSV to update your employee details in bulk. 

Clicking on the blue csv button will download a csv file of your existing employees on the platform. Each title on this sheet relates to a field on Employment Hero, and if you complete the details you'd like to see in your Employment Hero platform, download this file as a csv and then re-import this to the platform, you'll see it will update your Employee files. Refer to this guide for best practice guidelines on using this csv.


You can also refer to this guide on Setting up Reporting Lines


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