Step 5: Share your Policies

Admins and owners can easily add and manage all the policies for their organisation. Our tool allows you to customize which policies should be shared with all employees, and which ones might only be relevant to certain teams or individuals. It also allows you to manage what content is mandatory for employees to acknowledge, and what content you would just like to be available for employees to view and access any time.


Content Management > Policies 


  • +New allows you to select from the built-in (or customized) policy templates.
  • Upload Files allows you to upload a pdf of any policies you may have which your employees would be able to download from their employment hero account.


Selecting from a built-in Employment Hero (or customized) Template

Employment Hero has a library of industry agnostic policies which are available for you to use and share to your employees if relevant. 

To share a policy from one of the Employment Hero templates, click on + New to bring up a list of the available Policy Templates. This will show you the full library available. 


To manage your policy templates (customize any of the above policies, or build in your own), please refer to the following guide: How do I manage my contract/policy templates?

Once you select one of the Policies by clicking on the Policy Name, you will be able to Preview this in full. If your logo has been uploaded in General Settings > Company Settings > Profile it will display on the top right corner of your policy.


Once you have read through and decided you would like to use this Policy, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Choose this template'. Have a read of the disclaimer and select 'I accept' (if you do). 

Variable Fields

On this page is where you will be able to edit this template to a degree. You'll see any variable fields will appear blue and in bold. You can click onto these to edit them. 


Optional Clauses or Blocks

If there are optional clauses or optional blocks in this template you will see these surrounded with a dotted line, and you can remove any which aren't relevant by clicking on the purple x in the top right corner of the box.


Then at the bottom of this document, select 'Save as Draft'.

You will then see a preview of your drafted version with any updates you have made. At the bottom of this, you will be able to see your policy status, mark a policy as mandatory, and select who you would like to be able to view this when they access their employment hero account.

Policy Status

If you wish to make any amendments you can click onto Edit content.


Marking a Policy as Mandatory


Ticking the box to mark a policy as mandatory means the employees that you share this with would be required to acknowledge this content. Employees will see notifications in their employment hero account and will receive reminders until they have acknowledged mandatory content. As an admin or owner, you will be able to report on outstanding mandatory content under Reports > Compliance > Policies & Induction Content.


Selecting who you would like to share this content with

You can choose to either share policies with all employees (leaving this toggle on 'Yes')


If your policy would only be relevant to certain groups or individuals, you would switch the Share to everyone toggle to 'No'. You'll then see the option to share this poilicy specifically to members of a particular Team, Location, Employing Entity, or individually adding employees one by one.


This policy would share with anyone who matches any one of these groups. So in this above example, it would share with all employees part of either the Admin team, HR team, Marketing team or Sydney Office Location.

Once you have published this, you will then see at the bottom of the policy document the Policy Status will update to Published. 



Uploading your own policies

If you have your own company policies in a pdf format and would like to upload it directly to the platform. You can do this by clicking on Upload files.

You can upload multiple policies in bulk.

You can upload a single file or multiple files at a time. Once it is uploaded you will be able to rename the policy as needed, and toggle whether it is Mandatory. Selecting a policy as Mandatory means your employees that you share this with would be required to be acknowledged this content. Employees will receive reminders until they have acknowledged mandatory content. As an admin or owner, you will be able to report on outstanding Mandatory content under Reports > Compliance > Policies & Induction Content.


Once you have uploaded these documents, renamed them and select which ones are mandatory, click onto Save All. You will then be taken back to the Content Management > Policies page where you will see these are saved as 'Draft'. You can click onto Share on the right for each of them to open your policy sharing options to select who you would like to share this with and publish.


Where will your employees see these policies?

As an employee, you will be able to see any policies that have been shared with you in Files > Policies. You'll see the status shows 

  • Required: Mandatory content which you have not yet acknowledged
  • Non mandatory: Has been shared with you to view but it isn't mandatory for you to action.
  • Finished: Mandatory content which you have already acknowledged (and you'll notice the acknowledgment timestamp)


You'll notice in the above example, as there is 1 policy that is still 'Required' for this employee, they will see the 1 notification on the Files tab, and when the open the files tab, they will also see this on the Policies tab.


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