Step 7: Set up Certification Requirements

General Settings > Certifications 

If your employees require any checks/ licenses/ qualifications/ certificates you can set this up in the platform to prompt them to provide details of each and upload supporting documents if necessary.

You can also be notified of certification expiry if necessary - dependent on how you set this feature up!


Add New Certifications

Certification Type: Select from the drop-down options - Check / Licence / Qualification / Training

Certification Name: This can be whatever you need it to be, but it must be a unique name (you can't have 2 certifications with the same name, and the name here is how it will display to your Employees) 

State/Territory: This is optional - you can select from the states if relevant

Expiry Date YES: This will prompt your employees to enter the expiry date of their certification when uploading details, and would trigger reminders when the expiry date is approaching (Set reminders under General Settings > Email Settings).

Expiry Date NO: This will prompt you to select whether this is 'once only' or 'renewing'.

  • Once only would mean that this only has to be provided the once, and does not need to be renewed or updated at expiry.
  • Renewing would then prompt you to enter the necessary frequency of the certification (ie. if this is a check that has to be completed every year, the frequency would be 12 months). This would then prompt your employees to enter their completion date when uploading details, and the reminders will trigger based on the t

Tick Box Options to add:

  • Add question regarding previous driving offences
  • Approval required
  • Supporting documentation required 

Upload Resources - allows you to upload a document that you might need to provide for employees. If you need employees to fill in a form, for example, you would upload the empty form here and they will be able to download, complete and reupload this document.

Assign to: allows you to assign certain certification requirements to all employees, or out to certain teams, locations or individuals.


You can then run compliance reports for Certifications.


Please note the following is applicable to clients on our Premium subscription only:

If you wish for Certifications to be part of your onboarding process, once you have set these up here you can go to Customisation > Employee File, tick the relevant box under 'Use in onboarding process'.



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