Employment Hero Payroll - Superannuation Processing

Download the attachment in PDF format for all details.  This will guide through below common action items for processing superannuation on Employment Hero Payroll / HeroPay Platform. 


  •  Changing Maximum Quarterly Contributions Base        
  •  Setting up Employer Contributions  (additional Employer Superannuation contribution on top of Super Guarantee contribution)  
  • Setting up Salary Sacrifice Super             
  • Registering for Automated Super Payments with ClickSuper
    • Creating Automated Super Payments 
    • Adjusting Employee Fund in Batch Payment   
    • Handling Failed Super Payments        
  • Generating Super Contribution Report


This document applies for Employment Hero Payroll / HeroPay Platform. 

If you are using a different payroll platform, please refer to the payroll platform provider's resources for information. 

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