We've made some updates to our Bank Accounts!

What has changed?

If you are using Employment Hero payroll we have introduced 2 new updates:

  • We are now able to facilitate more than 3 bank accounts!
  • We have also introduced Locked Bank Accounts on the HR Platform! 


Previously, Employment Hero was only able to support up to 3 bank accounts including any deduction accounts. If an employee had exceeded 3 accounts, this would have needed to be managed directly from Employment Hero Payroll, causing discrepancies between the platforms.

For example, if an employee had 5 bank accounts on Employment Hero payroll (for regular payments and deductions), Employment Hero was only about to sync 3 of these accounts. This would cause a mismatch in data between the two platforms.

With the introduction of multi-bank accounts, Employment Hero HR is now able to exceed the 3 bank account limit. Along with this, we are also introducing a locked bank accounts feature, which caters for any deduction payments and preventing employees from editing this account to ensure your business is compliant. 

By updating to our latest features, we will automatically import all Employment Hero Payroll Bank Accounts across to Employment Hero HR, ensuring that accounts on both platforms are the same. Any bank accounts that have been marked so that Employee's cannot edit, will transfer over as locked bank accounts.


How do I start using these features?

Have you just received the Bank Accounts update message? Below is the detailed description of each option you could select and how to start taking advantage of our latest update.


Update Now

If you click on "Update Now", all Bank Accounts from your Employee's Files on our Payroll Platform will now be imported into Employment Hero HR. This will will then enable you to set more than 3 bank accounts in your employee's files, as well as manage any locked bank accounts to ensure your business is compliant.

Selecting this will enable you full access to this new feature!


Ask Me Later

This will temporarily close off the prompt for your session and will re-appear the next time you log into Employment Hero. Once an Administrator/Owner within your organisation has elected to Update, this message will no longer appear.


If you have any further questions or enquiries, please feel free to submit a technical support ticket here.



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