How do I update an organisation's subscription details?

Note: Functionality within the Business Portal is currently only available to Employment Hero's Value Added Reseller Network with a Business Account. 


Has one of your client's decided they want to upgrade their organisation to a higher subscription plan to unlock more Employment Hero benefits? You can do that with just a few clicks!

How do I update an organisation's subscription details?

  1. To remove a Business Account Administrator's access from an organisation simply navigate to the Dashboard in the Business Portal. 
  2. Locate the Organisation you want to update subscription details for and click on the Edit icon Screen_Shot_2018-06-27_at_4.06.19_pm.png
  3. On the Edit Organisation page you will be able to change the organisation's subscription plan as well as enable or disable any of the Closed Beta Features.
  4. Once you have made the appropriate changes, just click Save.


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