How do I access the Business Portal?

Note: Functionality within the Business Portal is currently only available to Employment Hero's Value Added Reseller Network with a Business Account. 


Are you a Value Added Partner?  Employment Hero is here to help you help us! 

We have built the Business Portal for you to be able to manage Employment Hero organisations for your clients. 

When you become a Value Added Partner, your Partnerships Manager will create a Business Account for you. You will receive an email notification once your Business Account has been created with a link to set up your account. 


Once you have set up the password for your account, you will be logged into the Employment Hero Business Portal.

If you are accessing the Business Portal for the first time or have not been assigned to any organisations, you will see the following:


If you are accessing the Business Portal and have been assigned organisations to manage, you will see the following: 


How do I access the Business Portal from the HR Portal?

If you are in the HR Portal accessing one of your organisations, you can quickly navigate to the Business Portal by clicking on your Name/Email in the top right hand corner and clicking on Business Portal.



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