How do I add a new organisation to my Business Account?

Note: Functionality within the Business Portal is currently only available to Employment Hero's Value Added Reseller Network with a Business Account. 


As your Business is growing, the list of clients you manage grows as well! Employment Hero has made it easy for you to create a new organisation for any new client you onboard.

To add a new organisation to your Business Account, simply login to the Employment Hero Business Portal. On the Business Portal Dashboard you will see a button to Add Organisation.

If you do not have any organisations in your Business Account, your Dashboard will be as below:


If you already have organisations in your Business Account, your Dashboard will be as below:



What details are needed to add a new organisation?

When adding a new organisation you will be taken through a 3 step process. 

Step 1: Organisation Details

The first step is to fill in some information regarding your new client's organisation. You will need to fill in the following details:

  • Organisation Name
  • Employing Entity Name
  • Number of Employees
  • Company Phone



Step 2: Subscription Details

The second step is to select which subscription plan your client has signed up for, Free, Standard or Premium. 

You will also have the option to unlock some features of the common Closed Beta Features that our customers like to test out. 

Please note that [Standard]/[Premium] indicates the minimum subscription plan the organisation must be on to access the feature.




Step 3: Administrator Access (Permission required)

The third and final step is to add your Business Account Administrators to the organisation. This is to be done manually as you may only want specific Business Account Administrators to access specific organisations.

To add a Business Account Administrator to the organisation, simply click on Add new row and fill in the details required. 








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