What is the Employment Hero Playground?

The Employment Hero Playground is a Demo Organisation with some pre-populated data that Organisations can use to trial out the benefits of a Premium Subscription. The Employment Hero Playground organisation will be deleted after the 14 day trial has ended. Access to the Employment Hero Playground instance and all data entered into the Playground will be deleted and is not recoverable. Data entered into your main organisations will be unaffected.  

Who can use the Employment Hero Playground?

The Owner of organisations created from 18 July 2018 will be able to create an Employment Hero Playground. They may then choose to add other users to the Employment Hero Playground to trial the platform. 

Users will easily be able to identify that they are in the Employment Hero Playground as at the top of the page, they will see a blue banner, similar to below:

As the Owner:


As an Employee:


How can I activate the Employment Hero Playground?

To activate the Employment Hero Playground, either click on the Let me play! button on the banner at the top of the page:


If you had click on the close (x) button on the banner, you can still activate the Employment Hero Playground by navigating to the organisation dropdown, click on the little arrow and click on the Set up Playground button:



How long can I trial the Employment Hero Playground for?

The Employment Hero Playground remains active for 14 days from the date it was set up. The Owner will receive an email notification 7 days into the trial notifying them of the upcoming expiration of their Employment Hero Playground.

After the 14 day period has ended, Employment Hero will delete the expired Employment Hero Playground organisation. The Owner will receive an email confirmation following the deletion of their Playground.

How many Employment Hero Playgrounds can I have?

Owners can only have ONE active Playground at a time. This means that the Owner can create a new Playground once their original Playground has been deleted by clicking on the Set up Playground button in the organisation dropdown.

Additional notes:

  • The ability to run Work Eligibility/VEVO checks is not supported on the Employment Hero Playground
  • Tax declarations lodged on the Employment Hero Playground DOES NOT make lodgements to the ATO
  • The Employment Hero Playground does not integrate with any payroll platforms or ATS platforms
  • Adding employees to the Employment Hero Playground works in the same way as adding an employee to a real organisation, they can be added through the onboarding process, quick add or CSV import, and just like a real organisation, these employees will receive email notifications to set up their password to their account so they can access the Employment Hero Playground as an employee
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