Step 8: Launch EH to your Employees


As a general guideline, we recommend you always do a soft launch first!

A soft launch is basically, you let your employees know what Employment Hero is, what it means for them, and what you need them to do.


How you launch EH to your employees is ultimately up to you. Each company will do this slightly differently and dependent on the size of your organisation, you might want to run a presentation to demonstrate EH to your employees, or ask managers to present this to their teams, you may even run a training session, or it might just be a case of simply sending an email around to your employees to let them know to expect an email from Employment Hero and to follow the instructions.


This page is dedicated to sharing information and resources to help with launching to your Employees. Here you'll find a customizable email template which you can share out to your employees, links to our Employees experience page which you can provide to your employees to show them what to expect when they first sign into Employment Hero, and several more resources you can provide to both your employees & managers.


Resources for Employees:


How to physically launch EH, inviting your employees to the platform:

First, you will need to take yourself out of Setup Mode 

Then in Personnel > Employees > Send Invitation to all new employees > Confirm.

This will send an email to all your 'pending' employees inviting them to Employment Hero, which contains a link to log in and create their password.

Your employees will need to follow the link in this email, set their password and will then be asked to confirm their details. 

Please note: the link in this email will expire after 72 hours. This is why it is important that you've let your employees know to expect this email and that they will need to action this (you may want to give them a deadline to avoid having to re-send invitations).

If your employees don't receive the invitation email:

  • Check the email address is correct in their Employee File (Personal Details > Personal Email)
  • Ask them to check their junk/spam folder

How do I re-send invites to employees, or invite employees individually?

We understand that there may be instances where employees might not be able to action this right away. If you do need to resend any invites, you can do any time by going to Personnel > Employees > click Actions on the right-hand side next to the employee > Re-send invite. 

Please note: If you have re-sent any invites to employees, the links in their original invitations will automatically expire, so they will need to refer to the most recent email to find the link to log in.


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