What is InstaPay

InstaPay is Employment Hero's exciting new feature designed to give Australians access to their wages in real time.


While being paid in arrears makes sense for businesses, it no longer makes sense for people. We can use technology to buy anything, anywhere, at any time but it hasn’t given us access to our own money quicker.

InstaPay will offer Australian employees, whose employers use our payroll product HeroPay, access to up to $250 per week from their wages whenever they want for a flat fee. This means you can access your pay before your official pay day. A huge benefit for those who often find themselves scrimping to get by before their next pay.


How do I get started?

Step 1 - Download the Employment Hero’s Mobile App

InstaPay is available on our Mobile App, giving you the chance to request your own money from anywhere, at anytime! You can download the Employment Hero app for free at App Store or Google Play.


Step 2 - Login into your account

Open the Employment Hero’s mobile app and login, using your 6 digit password.


Step 3 - Introducing InstaPay

Once you have logged in, we’ll introduce you to InstaPay and show you how it works.

Just follow the prompts and hit “Check it out” to continue:

Step 4 - Requesting your Instant Payment

On the next screen you’ll be able to enter your InstaPay request. There is a $100 minimum amount per request and a limit of $250 per week.


Also, by clicking “Pay Info” you can see your payment details such as Annual Pay Rate, days worked, pay period and the InstaPay amount that is still available to you.

NOTE: The admin fee of $2 per transaction will be automatically deducted from your payslip by the end of the month.


Step 5 - Check Bank Account Details

Once you hit “Request InstaPay” (step 4) you will then be able to double check your bank account details. This is the account where your InstaPay funds will be going to. Once you have entered your correct bank details, hit “Continue” to review your InstaPay request.

NOTE: The Bank Account Details will be pre-populated with your bank accounts data from the Employment Hero system and you can change it whenever you want.

Step 6 - Review & Complete InstaPay Request

Time to review your request and, if you are happy with it, click “Complete Request” to see your request confirmation.

Step 7 - InstaPay Transaction Confirmation & Order History

As soon as you submit your InstaPay request, Employment Hero will automatically send the request over to your bank and, when the transaction is completed, we’ll update your order details to “Completed”.


You can track your order requests status and check your InstaPay Order History as follows:

Please note that the InstaPay requests made before 6pm Monday to Friday generally will clear the same day (usually within 4 hours of the request). InstaPay requests after 6pm or on weekends are most likely to clear the following business day (usually before 12pm). The exact transaction times are dependant on the banks.


Unfortunately, Employment Hero does not have control over how long each bank is going to take to complete the transaction, but we’ll send you a push notification once it’s done!

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