How is 'InstaPay Available' calculated

How we calculate the InstaPay available balance

“InstaPay available” is the total amount of money eligible for withdrawal, based on the amount of time an employee has worked, but has not yet been paid for, in the current pay period.


50% of an employee’s unpaid net pay owed is eligible for InstaPay, with a weekly withdrawal limit of $250. The minimum withdrawal amount per transaction is $100.


For salaried employees, InstaPay available is calculated as a proration of the employee’s salary for the total number of days worked in the pay period.


Example: Tom is a salaried employee that is paid $2000 per fortnight, worked 5 days so far into the current pay period. Tom’s prorated daily salary is $200 for every day he works. Therefore, he’s earned $1000 so far this pay period ($200 x 5 days). Therefore, 50% of that (or $500) will be available. However, he can only withdraw a maximum of $250 this week, because of the weekly maximum limit.


Casual employees using InstaPay will only be able to withdraw money for timesheets that have been approved.


Example: Christina has worked 30 hours so far this pay period and earns $22 per hour. However, her manager has only approved timesheets for 16 hours so far. Her InstaPay available is therefore 50% of $22 per hour x 16 hours. $22 x 16 hours = $352, and 50% of that is $176. Christina’s InstaPay available is $176 and she can withdraw that amount today, if she likes.


Employees can see InstaPay available in the mobile app, on the InstaPay details section, as well as a breakdown of the calculations.

Employees should direct questions about their pay details to their payroll administrators. If the app is experiencing a technical issue, please submit a technical support ticket here.

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