InstaPay FAQs

Can I use InstaPay?

You can use InstaPay if:

  • You are a current employee of an organisation using Employment Hero HR + Hero Pay and your organisation has *opted-in to use the feature. 
  • You have earned wages that have not yet been paid to you (via your salary or approved timesheets)
  • You have been employed at the organisation for at least 3 months
  • You do not have a future termination date set

Please note, you cannot withdraw from InstaPay on your pay run pay date.

*If you are unsure if your company is using InstaPay, please ask your payroll administrator. 

My InstaPay available balance is wrong. What do I do? 

To understand how InstaPay available is calculated, please see the article How is 'InstaPay Available' calculated?

If an employee believes his or her payroll details are wrong, the employee will likely need to consult their payroll administrator as Employment Hero cannot confirm, nor change, any pay details for you. 

If an employee believes there is a technical issue affecting the app’s calculations, please submit a technical support ticket here. In this case, please also provide a screenshot in your email, when possible.


How are InstaPay payments deducted from my pay?

InstaPay payments in a pay period will be deducted from the employee’s pay in that pay period’s pay run. For example, if your pay period is the 1st to the 15th of the month, any InstaPay payments you receive in that time will be deducted from your pay in the pay run completed on the 15th.

Employees will see the transaction reflected on their payslip as a deduction, with a reference number that corresponds to the order number in the Order History of InstaPay


Why can’t I withdraw my full InstaPay available balance?

Employees are limited to weekly maximum withdrawal limits of $250.  InstaPay weeks are defined as 7-day periods, starting the first of your pay period. e.g. if your organisation’s pay period starts on Monday the 1st, Monday the 1st to Sunday the 7th is the first InstaPay week.

If an employee’s InstaPay available balance is greater than $250, he or she will only be able to withdraw a maximum of $250 that week, and the remaining balance will available until the next week, and so on until the end of the pay period.


Can I use InstaPay while on leave?

No, employees cannot withdraw from their InstaPay available balances while they are on leave.  

Employment Hero plans to allow employees to access InstaPay while on leave in the future.


What is an InstaPay fee?

The InstaPay fee is an Employment Hero fee for the cost of processing InstaPay payments. This nominal flat fee of $2 is added on top of the withdrawal order amount.


InstaPay withdrawal order statuses

InstaPay withdrawal statuses:




Employment Hero is validating your request

Payment Sent

InstaPay payment transferred to bank account


InstaPay funds received in bank account


InstaPay payment declined


InstaPay withdrawal orders are checked and processed by Employment Hero and will be in the pending status during this process. Then, approved payments are transferred to your nominated bank account, then received. InstaPay withdrawal orders may be declined for a variety of reasons.

If an employee’s withdrawal order is declined, a member of our finance team will send an email to the employee’s Employment Hero account email to explain the reason for the decline.


I have not received my InstaPay payment 

InstaPay withdrawals made on normal business days will be processed by the Employment Hero team and should normally be received by the employee’s nominated bank account within 6 business hours of the employee completing the withdrawal order.  Business hours are from 9am to 9pm AEST.

Employees using bank accounts from large banks may see funds enter their accounts within 3-6 business hours, and smaller banks can take around 4-6 business hours. If payments are made outside of business hours, processing will continue the next business day.

If an employee has not received payment after more than 6 business hours, and has confirmed the account number and BSB on the order are correct (see Order Details in the app), please submit a technical support ticket here, and reference the order ID in your ticket.

*Please note, InstaPay withdrawal orders will not be processed during banking public holidays.


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