Importing Opening Balance from old payroll platform to HeroPay

How opening balance should be imported depending on your old system and preference.

Old system is not Single Touch Payroll ready

You should import Year To Date amount from the last pay run in old system to HeroPay.

You have 2 options to import Year To Date/ Opening Balance amount

Option 1 - In bulk using import function

  1. Go to Payroll Setting/ Opening Balance.
  2. Select Export button on right-hand corner.
  3. From Data Type drop-down menu, select Template with employee data (including terminated employees).
    • Opening Balance should include Terminated Employees who have received payment in the current financial year.
    • E.g. current FY is 2018/2019 and you transited to HeroPay in the middle of the year, the opening balance should include all employees who received payment in 2018/2019, including those who have been terminated in the old system.
    • If you do not import OB for employees who were terminated in the old system and received payment in 2018/2019, you would need to generate payment summary for those employees from the old system.
  4. Select Download
  5. Update the file, following detailed instruction here
  6. Once you have saved the updated file, follow below steps
    • Go to Payroll Setting/ Opening Balance.
    • Select Import button on right hand corner.
    • Select File
    • Select Confirm Upload


Option 2 - Update each employee record

Follow the instruction here


Notes when importing Opening Balance

If you make a mistake during the first import, you can change the data using one of the above options. New data will overwrite existing data in employee’s opening balance.

Ensure Initial Financial year selected in Payroll Setting/Opening Balance page is correct and do not change the year once you have set it up, employee’s opening balance is related to this Initial Financial Year.

Old system is Single Touch Payroll ready


Scenario 1 - You have not been reporting STP from the previous system

Import Opening Balance of YTD earnings & leave balances, following the instruction here


Scenario 2 - You have been reporting STP from a previous system

You can choose to migrate YTD earnings to HeroPay or not, with one of below options.


Option 1 - Do not migrate YTD earnings to HeroPay

Actions required: 

  1. Use the ‘Mark as final’ option for all employees when lodging the last pay event in the previous system using the original BMS ID. This will notify the ATO that there will be no further payments for these employees from the old BMS ID.
  2. Import Leave Balance to HeroPay only.
  3. You must not import YTD earnings (e.g. wages, salaries, etc.) to HeroPay, since these were already reported to ATO under the previous system's BMS ID. 
  4. There is no need for an update event in the new system, you can process next scheduled pay run on HeroPay and lodge pay events as normal. 


Option 2 - Migrate YTD earnings to HeroPay

You should be extremely cautious when selecting this option, that is you must zero the employee YTD value under old BMS ID in your previous payroll system before lodging first STP report to ATO using HeroPay. If you are unsure how to zero employee YTD under old BMS ID, we suggest you action Option 1 above. 

Actions required: 

  1. Import Opening Balance of YTD earnings & leave balance, following the instruction here
  2. Zero out the employee YTD earnings from the old BMS ID (previous payroll software) and then report this via an update event in the old system where you also tick the box "Mark as final" for each employee (this will notify the ATO that there will be no further payments for these employees from the old BMS ID)
  3. Create an update event to report the YTD totals imported.
  4. Process next scheduled pay run and lodge pay events as normal.
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