Leave Allowance Templates

How to assign a leave allowance template to an employee? 

To assign a leave allowance template to an employee, you would need to follow these steps:


- Click on Personnel > Employees

- Select your employee

- Click on the Pay Details tab

- Edit

- Select a leave allowance template

- Save



Assigning a leave allowance template during onboarding

During the onboarding process, employers are able to select a Leave Allowance Template for their employees in the Pay Details step.



Assigning leave allowance templates via CSV

Admins and Owners will also be able to update leave allowance templates for their employees through a CSV update. To update an employee via a CSV upload, users will need to follow these steps:

- Click on Employees

- Import Employees

- Download the template

- Update the template to include the following information: 'Email [*]', "First Name", "Last Name", "Leave Allowance Template column", "Pay Details - Effective From", "Salary", "Salary Option", "Pay Category", "Pay Schedule" and "Hours/days per week"

(If your employee is currently using an Industrial Instrument, you would also need to include the fields of: Industrial Instrument, Classification and Pay Rate Template) 

- Enter the name of the leave allowance template you would like to assign to the employee

- Save the CSV file

- Import this CSV file into Employment Hero


Why can I only see specific Leave Allowance Templates?

If you are currently using a classification, you would only be able to see specific leave allowance templates that are linked to that classification.


How do I add more leave categories to my leave allowance template?

You will need to manage your leave allowance templates directly from your payroll platform. You will need to navigate to Payroll Settings > Leave Allowance Templates > Enable/Disable specific leave categories.

Once you have made any updates to your leave allowance template, you will need to access Employment Hero HR, click on Payroll Settings > Leave Allowance Templates > Update from payroll. This will update the information in your leave allowance templates from your payroll platform. 

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