Policy Management

We have now split up the administrator management of policies from the employee view.

Admins and owners will now be able to easily manage all the policies for their organisation under one new menu by navigating to Content Management > Policies.

Note: Sharing options are only applicable to employees. If you wish to share policies to your contractors then the policies must be shared to everyone. 




Selecting from a Template

To add a new policy to your organisation from a template, click on `New` to bring up a list of the available Policy Templates.

To manage your policy templates, please refer to the following guide: 

How do I manage my contract/policy templates?


Uploading your own policies

If you have your own policies in a pdf format and would like to upload it directly to the platform. You can do this by clicking on `Upload files`.

You can upload a single file, or multiple files at a time. Once it is uploaded you will be able to rename the the policy as needed, and toggle whether it is required to be acknowledged. 


Managing your Policies


If you would like to make an update to an existing policy that has already been published, there are two way to do so depending on whether the policy was added via a template or uploaded as a file. 

To update from a template, click on the actions dropdown for the relevant policy and click on `Update from template`, this will then take you through the drafting process of publishing a template.

Please ensure to make any necessary updates to your policy template using the Template Management Feature before selecting to update the policy from a template.

Once a new version of the policy is published, the previous version of the policy will be archived. If an employee has acknowledged the previous version of the policy, will also create an archived version of the policy within their employee view.

If the updated version of the policy has been shared to the same employee(s), they will be promoted to acknowledge the updated version of the policy.



If a policy is no longer relevant to you organisation, you can archive the policy by clicking on the actions dropdown and selecting `Archive`


To view your archived policies, just ensure to select the `Archived` option when filtering the table view. 



You can only delete a policy if it has not been published and shared to employees.

If you have accidentally published a policy, you can still delete it as long as no employees have acknowledged it yet. To do this, just update the share options so that the policy is no longer shared with any employees, then from the actions dropdown, select `Delete`.




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