How do I assign an Access Level to a Business Account Administrator?

Note: Functionality within the Business Portal is currently only available to Employment Hero's Value Added Reseller Network with a Business Account. 


As a Business Account Administrator, you can be assigned to manage a small group of organisations within the Business Account, however there are features that impact or reflect data from organisations you do not have access to. For this reason, certain features are only accessible to the Business Account Owner. 

We understand that the Business Account Owner may not be the go to person to manage all aspects of the Employment Hero organisations and will have staff to do so for them. To address this issue, whilst giving Business Accounts control on what their staff can access and do, we have introduced Access Level Management

Access Level Management will allow the Business Account Owner to:

  • Create different Access Levels with varying permissions (we will introduce new permissions as they become available) 
  • Assign Business Account Administrator to an Access Level

How do I create an Access Level?

To create a new Access Level to your Business Account, navigate to the Access Level Management page through the side navigation.


Click on the Add Access Level button.



Fill in the following Access Level details:

  • Name of the Access Level
  • Select the permissions a Business Account Administrator with this Access Level will have
  • Select Business Account Administrators you wish to assign to this Access Level


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