Creating and Managing Tasks

To create and manage tasks, navigate to Tasks on the side menu.

Here you will notice that the page will automatically filter to show only the tasks that are assigned to you, and are pending your action.

Creating tasks

To create a new task click on the `Add new task` button to bring up the following popup.

Here you can enter the details of your task:

  • Task description
    • What action is required to complete this task
  • Assign date
    • This date will determine when the assigned user will be first notified of this task. This is a great way to set and forget future tasks, otherwise set this to the current date and the assignee will be notified immediately.
  • Due date
    • This date is to indicate when the task should be completed
  • Assigned to
    • This is who the task will be assigned to.
    • Admins can assign tasks to all employees across the organisation.
    • Employees will only be able to assign tasks to other employees within their teams.
      • This is determined by the teams they are allocated to within their employee files. 

Once you hit `Create` the task will be created and the assignee will be notified of the task based on the Assign date.

To view and manage tasks that you have assigned to other employees, switch off the `only view tasks assigned to me` toggle. 

Editing tasks

To edit a task, simply click on Actions > Edit for the relevant task. 

Deleting Tasks

To delete a task, simply click on Actions > Delete for the relevant task.

If the task has any other related tasks, i.e. it was created via an onboarding or offboarding checklist, tick the `Delete related tasks?` item to also remove those related tasks. 






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