Actioning Tasks

If you have been assigned a task, you will be able to view them on your dashboard task widget, or via the Tasks on the side menu. 

On the dashboard, you can quickly view the tasks that are pending your action. 

When in the Task page, click on Actions > View to bring us the task

To can either `Complete` or `Decline` a task and it will update the status of the task accordingly. 


Reassigning Tasks

Tasks can also be reassigned to other employees.

Admins will be able to reassign tasks to any employee across the organisation. 

Employees will only be able to reassign tasks within their teams, based on the team flags within their employee files. 

To reassign a task, click on Actions > Reassign. 


Bulk Actioning

Admins will be able to bulk action tasks for either themselves or for other employees. 

Click on the check boxes to the left of the task you would like to action, this will bring up 3 quick access buttons along the top. 

Each button will activate the following:

  •  Complete all selected tasks
  •   Decline all selected tasks
  •   Delete all selected tasks



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