Restricting Access to Leave Categories

Please note: This is only available to EmploymentHero Payroll and KeyPay customers


Restricting Leave Categories

Employers are now able to restrict the leave categories that an employee has access to through assigning their employees leave allowance templates. To assign an employee a leave allowance template, please refer to this help article to guide you through the steps: Click Here.


When an employee has been assigned a leave allowance template, they will only be able to see any leave categories that have been assigned to them through the template.


On EmploymentHero Payroll and KeyPay, a Payroll Administrator will be able to enable/disable leave categories for a leave allowance template as below:




When they have enabled/disabled the leave categories, an Owner/Administrator on the HR Platform will be required to follow these steps on EmploymentHero HR:

- Click on General Settings

- Click on Add-Ons

- Click on Actions next to your payroll platform

- Select Update

- For Pay Items click on "Update from Payroll"




Once the update is complete, if an employee is assigned to a leave allowance template, they will only be able to request leave with the categories that are within the template. From the screenshot above, the employee would only have access to:

- Annual Leave

- Personal/Carer's Leave

- Leave Without Pay

- Long Service Leave

- Paid Community Service Leave

- Compassionate Leave.



Owners/Administrators on EmploymentHero HR, will have full access to all leave categories, even if they are assigned a leave allowance template, they will be able to view all leave categories. They will also be able to apply all leave categories on behalf of an employee.

For example, if an employee does not have access to Leave Without Pay, an Owner/Administrator will be able to request this leave on behalf of an employee.


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