How to adjust Salary Sacrifice Super processed as Manual Payment in previous pay run?

This article walks through how to reverse a salary sacrifice that was set as Manual Payment (as below screenshot) and add the same salary sacrifice so that it can be included in super batch payment through ClickSuper. 


When a deduction was set to manual this means that the payment wasn't made by our platform. The manual option is for those payments that will be made by the client in some other way. So you should still have the money in company bank account unless it was paid externally.

You can now pay it directly to the super fund (if the fund will allow that) or alternatively you could do an adjustment via a pay run to reverse the deduction back in (against the manual option) and then process again. 

Follow below step for the adjustment

You could either include the adjustment in an Ad Hoc pay run or in a regular pay run.

A. If you choose to process the outstanding super amount in an Ad Hoc pay run then 

1) Add the super amount as a one off deduction. Go to Actions tab for the employee and select Make a Deduction. Then select Salary sacrifice Super, choose payment method as Pay to Super Fund and choose correct super fund; finally enter correct amount.

2) You will then need to reverse the Salary sacrifice super deducted from the previous pay run to make sure employee's YTD taxable income is correct. Go to Actions tab for the employee and select Make a Deduction. Then select Salary sacrifice Super, choose payment method as Manual Payment; finally enter the same amount as step 1 but in negative. 

3) Amount from Step 1 & 2 will offset each other and net earning will be zero. You will not be able to finalise a pay run with zero net earning.

To overcome this, add a post tax deduction with amount $ 0.01. Since it is a post tax deduction it will not affect employee's taxable earning. 

Refer to below screenshot on how the adjustments would look like. 


B. If you choose to process the super adjustment in a regular pay run, the first two steps from point A would remain the same. You will not need to follow step three as there would be other components in the pay run that would be greater than 0.

Lastly, to avoid the same situation from happening again, please ensure to go to employee file / Pay run inclusion and under the Deduction, update from Paid Manually to Paid to a super fund 


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