Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is a form of insurance payment paid to employees if they are injured at work or become sick due to their work.

Please refer to the Fairwork for more information on leave entitlement and super guarantee for employee on workers compensation.

This article walks through how to create pay and leave category for Workers Compensation on HeroPay.

First step is to create pay and leave category for workers compensation

a) Create a new leave category for the employee on work cover leave by following the instructions in this manual Employment Hero Payroll - Payroll Processing

Once the leave category is created on Payroll, you then can update on HR platform so that employee can apply for the leave on HR platform. Follow instruction in this link to update leave category on HR. Please note we currently allow a leave request with 90 days period and we have a feature request under review to remove this restriction. In the interim, employees will need to submit their leave request in batches if their leave extends beyond 90 days.

b) Create a new pay category by following instruction in this article

Once you have created the leave and pay category, the second step is to add payment for the employee. You have 2 options to action this

1st option: Add the payment manually in pay run by following below steps

  • Create a pay run/ go to the employee
  • Click Action/ Add Earning
  • An earning line will be added to pay run, you can then select "Workers comp" from drop-down menu of the earning line and enter the amount applicable for the pay run. 
  • Save

2nd option: Set up the payment as recurring in for certain period by following below steps

  • Go to the employee/ Pay rates
  • Scroll till the end of page and you can see section "Additional earnings lines"
  • Select "Workers comp" from Pay Category drop-down menu
  • Input rate and by when the payment should be stopped.
  • Save

Lastly, if needed you can accrue leave and adjust super manually in each pay run - please follow the instructions under Accrue Leave and Adjust Super in Employment Hero Payroll - Payroll Processing

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