FAQ: How to allow salaried employees to submit timesheets

This article walks through how you can set up a salaried employee who is paid fixed amount of salary every pay run but also submits timesheets for tracking purpose. This article is applicable to HeroPay user.

You have 2 options to set this up

1st Option: Employee submits timesheets and the timesheets are not imported in pay run.

1st step: 

Create separate pay schedule for salaried employee and enter a name for easier reference (e.g. Monthly - Do not import timesheets). More information on Pay-Schedules-Set-Up. 

If you also have HR platform, then manually-update-Payroll-Data to bring new pay schedule name to HR platform. 

2nd step:

Update the employee's detail 

- Assign employee to the newly created pay schedule

- Ensure employee's data in pay run details is as below

Employee will be paid by default hours set under normal working hours per week and at the same time have access to enter timesheet. 

Please note the access to enter timesheet is for employee to submit timesheet via employee portal on HR or Payroll Platform only. If you want employee to submit timesheet via Clock Me In app, you need to grant employee access to Clock Me In, refer to this link for more information.

3rd step: 

When creating pay run for the employee, you would not import timesheet. Employee will be paid based on Standard hours per week set in employee file. Timesheets that employees have submitted are for tracking purpose only. You can run Timesheets-Report to keep track with employee's working hours. 


Below option is only applicable if you are on HeroPay Premium Plan.

2nd Option: Employee submits timesheets and the timesheets are imported but not paid in pay run.

1st Step:

Create a new rule set for the employee. Refer to Pay-Conditions for more information on how to create rule set

The rule need to be as below

2nd step:

Update the employee's detail 

- Set up employee as below. And then assign employee to correct rule set, you can only assign the employee to a rule set on payroll platform, via Employee file > Pay run default page. 

3rd step:

The salaried employee can be paid in the same pay run with other employees and you can import timesheets for all employees. 

The rule set you have created above will process all timesheets for the salaried employee as unpaid and the timesheets will not appear in pay run. Employee instead is paid by standard hours per week set in the employee's file.


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