How do I run a consolidated Policies and Induction Content Report?

Note: Functionality within the Business Portal is currently only available to Employment Hero's Value Added Reseller Network with a Business Account. 


It can be quite difficult to run reports when you manage multiple organisations. Previously you would need to go into each individual organisation and run a report, however we have introduced consolidated reporting in the Business Portal where Business Account users can run reporting across the organisations they manage within the Business Account. 

Who can run a consolidated Policies and Induction Content Report?

The Business Account Owner and any Business Account Administrator with permission to run Consolidated Reports will be able to report on all organisations in the Business Account, even if they do not manage the organisations.

Business Account Administrator without permission will still be able to run consolidated reports, but will only be able to report on the organisations they manage.

How to run a consolidated Policies and Induction Content Report?

To run a consolidated policies and induction content report, simply login to the Employment Hero Business Portal and navigate to the Reports tab and select on Policies and Induction.


You will be presented with the Policies and Induction Content Report and all data presented in the results table. 

Simply select any filters you wish to filter the report by and click on Filter, this will refresh the results table to display data matching the selected filters.




If you wish to download the report you ran, simply click on the Download CSV button.

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