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Announcements allow you to make important company wide posts, notifying your employees that there are new messages to read.

Admins and Owners can use the announcements feature to post company news, updates, information, etc. to their employees. You can also use this feature to tag specific employees and share announcements to specific teams within your organisation.


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Getting started

Creating an announcement
  1. Click on the Shout out to and recognise your peers! button in the Company Feed section.
  2. Click the Make an Announcement button.
  3. In the text box type in the desired announcement.

    Helpful Tip:

    Typing @ into the text field, followed by an employee's name, will tag that employee in the announcement. Announcements do not have a limit on the number of employee tags, so there is no limit to how many employees it can include.

  4. Click on the Share With drop-down menu and select either:
    • Everyone: Every employee in your organisation will receive the announcement.
    • Teams: Only the teams selected in the drop-down box will receive the announcement.


    The option to select teams is only available on our Premium and Platinum plans. 

  5. Click the Post button.
Adding a reaction
  1. On the announcement you want to react to, click on the Emoji button.
  2. Click on the desired emoji to add a reaction.


Deleting an announcement
  1. On the announcement you want to delete, click on the three dots.
  2. Click on the Delete button to remove the announcement.
  3. Click the Delete Post button.
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