Hero passport


Hero Passport allows you to view all your current and previous employers in one place. Hero Passport lets past employees access important documents that they still need.

Previous employees can access their payslips and payment summaries automatically in Employment Hero, saving you time tracking down old employee information.


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Payroll Plan:   Standard   Premium

Getting started

Accessing your hero passport:
  1. Open up the user drop-down menu from the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click the Hero Passport button.

    Helpful Tip

    This will then take you to your Hero Passport page. This page displays all your current and previous employers linked to your Employment Hero account.

  3. Click the View button under any of the organisations to go to the dashboard of the selected organisation.

    Helpful Tip

    Using the search bar in the top menu will allow you to find a particular organisation quickly.

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