Dashboard: Sync Error


On the dashboard, you can view Sync errors regarding employee files for HeroPay and errors regarding an employee's leave requests and timesheets. You can also correct the issues from the dashboard. 


HR Plan:

✓ Free

✓ Standard

✓ Premium

✓ Platinum

Payroll Plan:

✓ HeroPay Standard

✓ HeroPay Premium

Resolving the Sync Error

  1. Click on the View All button.

  2. It divides the errors into three tabs; They are:
    • Employee files.
    • Leave requests.
    • Timesheets.
    Helpful Tip: On each of the three tabs there will be a red circle with a number inside. This will show how many errors are present for each of the three tabs.
  3. The tabs display the error information into four columns:
    • Employee: The name of the employee.
    • Errors: A list of encountered errors for each of the listed employees.
    • Recommended Actions: The recommended solutions to fix each error.
    • Actions: This drop-down menu provides the following two options:
      1. Clicking the Re-Sync button will sync the individual employee's data.
      2. Clicking the View Details button will take you to the specific page on our portal that is causing the listed error/s.
    Helpful Tips: You can use the tick box on the left of the employee field to select multiple employees. You can re-sync in bulk the selected employees by clicking the Re-Sync button.
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