Dashboard: Sync error


The Employment Hero dashboard provides you with a sync error widget. This widget allows you to see a snapshot of the platform errors you are encountering.

You can view sync errors regarding employee files for your connected payroll platform and errors regarding an employee's leave requests and timesheets. This widget will redirect you to a page where you can resolve these issues.


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Getting started

Viewing the sync error
  1. In the Sync Issues widget, Click on the View All button.
  2. Employment Hero divides the sync errors into three tabs; They are:
    • Employee files.
    • Leave requests.
    • Timesheets.

    Helpful Tip

    On each of the three tabs there will be a red circle with a number inside. This will show how many errors are present for each of the three tabs.

    The three tabs display the error information broken down into the following four columns:
    • Employee.
    • Errors.
    • Recommended actions.
    • Actions.
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