Dashboard: Creating Tasks


You can create tasks from the dashboard and assign them to either yourself or any employee in your organisation.


HR Plan:


✓ Standard

✓ Premium

✓ Platinum

Payroll Plan:

HeroPay Standard

HeroPay Premium

Creating a Task

  1. Click on the Add Task button on the dashboard.

  2. On the Create Task screen type in the following information:
    • Task description.
    • Assign date.
    • Due date.
    • Assigned to.

  3. Click the Create button.
    Helpful Tip: Once you have created the task, it will appear on the employee's dashboard. If you are the creator of the task, but you have not allocated it to yourself, the task will not be visible on your dashboard.
    Important: Managers and employees can only assign tasks to members in their team.

Completing a Task

  1. Click on the Complete button, to mark the task as completed.
    Helpful Tip: Clicking on the Complete button will send a notification to the person who assigned you the task, stating that you have completed the task.
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