Submitting a Leave request as an Employee


You can submit a request for leave from the Request Leave section.


HR Plan:


✓ Standard

✓ Premium

✓ Platinum

Payroll Plan:

✓ Standard

✓ Premium

Submitting a Leave Request 

  1. Click on the Leave menu.
  2. Click on the Request Leave submenu.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Leave category.
    Important: You can select what type of leave you can take, based upon the leave allowance, pay categories, and awards you are working under.
    • Start date.
    • End date.
    • Comment.

  4. Click the Add Document button to add any required files.
    Helpful Tip: You can use the Arrow button to display the leave details for each month.
    Warning: The total hours taken for each day depends on the employment settings that your company has set. Part-time employees will need to check the auto-populated value for each day to ensure their leave request displays their correct hours. 

  5. Click the Submit for Approval button.
    Important: If you only need to take a half day off work, then you can edit the value within the hours field. For example, instead of nominating eight hours for a full day of leave, you can nominate four hours for a half day of leave.
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