Contractor Setup: Documents


You can use the HR documents page to create new documents for your contractors. You can also delete any documents you have assigned to a contractor from this page.


Available On:

✓ Free

✓ Standard

✓ Premium



Accessing the Document Upload Section

  1. Click the Personnel menu.
  2. Click the Independent Contractors submenu.
  3. Click on the contractor who you need add supporting documents to.

Adding a HR Document

  1. Click on the Document tab.
  2. Click on the Create and Send a Document button.

  3. Select the desired document and click the Continue button.
    Helpful Tip: You can click the Preview button to view what each document looks like. From the preview screen you can click the Cancel button to return to the selection screen or the Continue button, which will select the document and send you to the editing screen.

  4. After making the required changes on the editing screen, click the Continue button.
  5. Click the I have read and understood the disclaimer and accept the terms of use tick box.
  6. You now have three actions you can undertake with the document:
    • Emailing the document to the employee.
    • Printing a copy of the document.
    • Saving the document as a draft.

Email the Document:

  1. Click the Email box.
  2. Review the email message you are sending to the employee.
  3. Click the Email Email Contract button.

Print the Document:

  1. Click the Hard Copy box.
  2. Click the Print Contract button.

Saving a Document as Draft

  1. Click the Save as Draft button.

Deleting a HR Document

  1. Click the Delete button next to the document that needs deleting.

  2. On the confirmation screen type in the document's name and click the Delete button.
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