FAQ: What is the Employee Recognition Report


What information can I view from the Employee Recognition Report?


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You can use the Employee Recognition report to view how many of your employees have sent and received a Hero Thanks. This report can also show you how many teams have sent and received a Hero Thanks.

Helpful Tip:
  • If you Hero Thank four employees in one message, this will count as one hero thanks for each of the four employees.
  • If you Hero Thank four employees in one message and they work across 2 teams, then each team will receive a Hero Thanks.

You can use the following toggle switches to change the view shown in the reports:

  • Show Sent or Received.
  • Show All Teams or My Teams.

You can also set a time duration using the following fields:

  • From date.
  • To date.
Helpful Tip: The Top Team and Top Heroes section will only show the top three Heroes.
Helpful Tip: Refer to this article on how to create a Hero Thanks.

How to Use the Employee Recognition Report

  1. Click the Reports menu button.
  2. Click the Employee Recognition submenu button.


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