FAQ: What is the Audit Trail Report


What information does the Audit Trail report provide?


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You can use the Audit Trail report to see the details regarding all the changes made to your employees's files, timesheets and leave requests.

You can use the Search by Date or Employee field to search for a specific employee or date.

You can also choose whether to show:

  • All results.
  • Employees results only.
  • Timesheets results only.
  • Leave results only.
Helpful Tip: Clicking the View Details button will show more in-depth details about the individual and the specific change made.

Accessing the Audit Trail Report

  1. Click the Report menu.
  2. Click the Audit Trail submenu.

Data Displayed in the Audit Trail

Module Audited Action
Personnel Activate a membership
Re-activate membership
Off-boarding class="rangySelectionBoundary" style="line-height:0;display:none">
Delete an employee
Update manager (Primary and/or Secondary)
Update location
Update team
Leave Request Update a leave request
Delete a leave request
Custom Fields Create a custom field
Update a custom field
Delete a custom field
Timesheets Update daily timesheet entry
Delete daily timesheet entry
Updating weekly timesheet entry
Delete weekly timesheet entry
Pay Details Create salary version
Update salary version
Delete salary version
Superannuation   Create superannuation funds for a member
Update superannuation fund for a member
Delete superannuation fund for a member
Employment History   Creating employment history
Updating employment history
Deleting employment history
Organisation  All update events
Deleting an organisation
Performance Reviews Delete a review
Goals Create a Goal objective
Update a Goal objective
Delete a Goal objective
Create a Goal key result
Update a Goal key result
Delete a Goal key result
Create a Goal comment
Update a Goal comment
Delete a Goal comment
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