Employee engagement report


Employee engagement is the level of enthusiasm, passion, and connection your employees show towards your organisation. An employee engagement survey is a way to measure how motivated your employees are working for your organisation and how committed they are to staying.

You can use the Employment Engagement Report to survey your employees’ happiness within your company. You will see a report with a scale from one to ten, showing where each score from your employees falls and what their comments were.


The survey is anonymous and the report will not list the employee's name or any other identifiers.


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Getting Started

Enabling the Employee Engagement Report
  1. Click the Report menu.
  2. Click the Employee Engagement submenu.
  3. Click the Send now button.


    The employee engagement survey recurs every four weeks from when it was first enabled. For example, if you enabled the survey on the 15/01/2020 then it would trigger again four weeks later on the 12/02/2020.


    Helpful Hint

    Your employees will receive a notification through the Employment Hero mobile application, an email to their account email asking to provide feedback and widget will appear on their dashboard.


    Helpful Hint

    There is a ten day collection period for the survey results. Once the ten days have passed, you will see a graph detailing your employee's scores and the comments left.

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