FAQ: How to View an Employee's Leave Balance


How can I view my employees leave balance?


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You can view an employee's remaining leave balance from the Leave Details section. The system will display the remaining leave balance in the Leave Type column.

Helpful Tip: The information displayed in the Leave Balance section depends on the filtering and search results you have selected. For more information, refer to this article.

Viewing an Employee’s Leave Balance

  1. Click on the Leave menu.
  2. Click on the Management submenu.
    Warning: Employees that have not submitted leave requests will not display in the Leave management report. To view the leave balance of an employee that has submitted no leave, you will need to go to the request leave page and select the employee.

What does The Airplane Symbol Mean?

You can use the Airplane symbol to see if an employee's leave request includes public holidays.

Helpful Tip: The Airplane symbol will only show next to an employee's approved leave request.


What does My Leave Clock Symbol Mean?


  • Created At: Provides a timestamp of the leave request creation date.
  • Synced At: Provides a timestamp of when the leave request tried to sync with HeroPay.
  • Sync Successful: States whether the synchronisation of the leave request between Employment Hero and HeroPay has been successful.
  • Edited At: Provides a timestamp of the last edit done to the leave request after a previous HeroPay synchronisation attempt.


  • Blue: Used for pending or declined leave requests that have not synchronised with HeroPay.
  • Green: Used for approved leave requests that have synchronised with HeroPay.
  • Red: Used for approved leave requests that have not synchronised with HeroPay.
  • Orange: Used for pending, approved, or declined leave requests that have had changes made to them after being synchronised with HeroPay.
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