FAQ: How to View an Employee's Leave Availability


How can I view my employees’ leave availability?


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You can view an employee's leave availability from the Leave Management section.

Viewing an Employee's Leave Availability

  1. Click on the Leave menu.
  2. Click on the Management submenu.
  3. Use the following fields in the Availability section to filter your employee's leave availability:
    • Month.
    • Year.
    Important Tip: A stroked shading shows a partial leave request, while a solid colour shows a full day’s leave request.

What does Partial Pending, Partial Approved, and Partial Declined Mean?

If the hours requested for the day are less than the employee's ordinary work hours, it will become a partial leave request.

This means you can easily see when an employee will be away because:

  • A full day will show as a solid colour.
  • A partial day will show as a stroked colour.
    Helpful Tip: The partial aspect does not refer to the leave being partially approved as part of the two-level leave approval process. It refers to the leave request being only a part of the employees’ ordinary workday, not the whole day. 
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