The Employment Settings Section


You can use the Employment Settings section to edit settings such as setup mode, timesheets, two level leave approval, staff details, automatically pay employees, typical work days, HR authority and work safe authority.


Available On:

✓ Free

✓ Standard

✓ Premium



Employment Settings Section

  1. Click the General Settings menu.
  2. Click the Company Settings sub-menu.
  3. Click the Employment Settings button.

  4. Complete the following fields:
    Important: Refer to the Reference Table for which settings are accessible, as this depends on what Employment Hero plan you are on.
    • Setup mode.
    Helpful Tip: Setup mode allows you to block all outgoing emails from the platform. This is useful in helping you set up employees and adding documents without notifying all relevant staff.
    • Two level leave approval.
    • Timesheet entry.
    • Calender type.
    • Overnight timesheets.
    Important: The Overnight Timesheets option is only available if you select the Start and End Times Based on Daily Entries timesheet option.
    • Show staff details.
    Important: Staff details are only visible on the Employment Hero mobile application.
    • Typical work day.
    • Automatically pay employees.
    • HR manager emails.
    Helpful Tip: You can enter multiple HR manager emails by using a comma to separate them
    • Work Safe Authority.
  1. Helpful Tip: Work Safe authorities can review all safety incident reports.

Reference Table

  Free Standard Premium
Setup Mode Yes Yes Yes
Two Level Leave Approval   Yes Yes
Timesheet: Start and End Times Based on Daily Entries   Yes Yes
Timesheet: Daily Hours Based on Daily Entries   Yes Yes 
Timesheet: Daily Hours Based on Weekly Entries     Yes
Calender Type Yes Yes Yes
Overnight Timesheets   Yes  Yes
Show Staff Details Yes  Yes Yes
Typical Work Day Yes Yes Yes
Auto Pay Employees   Yes Yes
HR Manager Emails Yes Yes Yes
Work Safe Authority   Yes Yes
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