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What is Two-Factor Authentication?


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Important: Employment Hero users on a Standard or Premium plan can use Two-Factor Authentication via an authenticator app or SMS. Employment Hero users on a Free plan will only be able to use Two-Factor Authentication via an authentication app.
Important: To enable Two Factor Authentication refer to this article.

Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional verification level when logging into your account, ensuring that you are the only person who can access your account.

When using a username and password to log into your account, you are only using a single-factor authentication. This process is susceptible to security threats because it represents a single piece of information a malicious person requires.

Employment Hero allows you to enable Two-Factor Authentication for your account, requiring two verification steps before you can access your account. This additional step is an authentication code sent as a text message (SMS) or via an authentication app.

Once enabled, your account generates a unique authentication code any time there is a sign-in attempt from an unrecognised device. To sign into your account, it will require you to know both the password and have access to the authentication code sent as a text message (SMS) or via an authentication app.

We strongly urge you to turn on Two-Factor Authentication for the safety of your account and your information.

Important: if you are an account owner, administrator, or user with access to other employees superannuation/tax information, we require you to enable Two-Factor Authentication to access this information. This is because of the ATO's updated digital service provider operational framework.
You can find more information here.

What Happens if I Lose My Phone?

If you lose access to your Two-Factor Authentication device, e.g. you lose your phone, you can still log in to your account. When prompted for your authentication code, enter your recovery code shown during the Two-Factor Authentication setup.

Once you have logged in to your account, update your Two-Factor Authentication information.

What Happens if I Change my Phone Number?

If you change to a new phone number, you will need to disable Two-Factor Authentication and then re-enable Two-Factor Authentication using your new number.

What is an Authenticator app?

Rather than having a code sent to you via SMS when you sign in, an authenticator app on your phone can generate a code. You can enter this into Employment Hero the same way as with texted codes.

Authenticator apps do not have access to your Employment Hero account or your personal/sensitive information.

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