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How do I reset my password?


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You can reset your password from the Employment Hero login screen. 

Helpful Tip: If you have lost your email invitation to access Employment Hero, your employer can resend your invite by following:

How to Reset your Password

  1. Click the Forgot Password button.

  2. Enter your email and click the Request Link button.
    Important: For this process to be effective, you must enter your account email address. This is the email address used to create your account. If you are unsure what it is, please contact your manager or system administrator.
    Helpful Tip: You will now see a confirmation screen. This will show the details of the email address the system sent the rest password link to.

  3. Follow the instruction in your email account to reset your password.

Password Reset Link has Expired

If the password reset link has expired, it is because either:

  • You have previously clicked the password rest link.
  • You have logged into Employment Hero in another tab or window.
  • You clicked on a link that was not the latest password reset link.

Password Strength

Employment Hero uses a password strength meter to help individuals select their passwords. To save a password, you require:

  • At least eight characters.
  • Have at least one uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase character.
  • Have at least one numerical character.
  • Have at least one special character.

To ensure you have a strong password, we suggest you:

  • Add a combination of capital letters.
  • Avoid dictionary words or a combination of words.
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