FAQ: What is the Certifications Report


What information can I view from the Certifications report?


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You can view users with assigned certifications, the type, the expiry date, and any overdue certifications. You can also view the certifications assigned to terminated employees, and any archived certifications.

Important: Certifications assigned to pending employees do not show in the Certification Report.

How to Use the Certification Report

  1. Click the Reports menu.
  2. Click the Compliance Reports submenu.
    Helpful Tip: You will now see the overview page which displays the five different areas of the Compliance report.

  3. For additional reporting on certification, click on the Certifications graph.
  4. Use the following fields to customise the report:
    • Show terminated employees.
    • Show archived certifications.
    • Employee / contractor.
    • Type.
    • Certification name.
    • Active (certification status).
    Important: If you would like to run a report for all certification categories, you can do so by clicking the Reset button and then clicking the Filter button. This will clear all data stored in the filter fields and will allow you to run a report for all certification categories.

  5. Click the Filter button.
    Helpful Tip: Click the Download CSV button to download a copy of the generated report.
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