FAQ: How Do I Download Employment Hero's Latest Policy Templates


How do I download the latest Employment Hero policy templates?


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You can download the latest Employment Hero policy templates from the Content Management section. You can also customise the sharing options for the new Employment Hero policy templates and mark the new policies as mandatory.

Important: If you don't wish to send a notification for each policy update, we recommend updating your policies while in setup mode. This will send only one email to let your employees know they have multiple policies to acknowledge. We recommend doing this outside of businesses hours.

Refer to this guide on how to turn off setup mode.

Downloading the Latest Employment Hero Policy Templates

  1. Click the Content Management menu.
  2. Click the Polices submenu.
  3. Click the New button.

  4. Click on the desired Employment Hero policy template.

  5. Click the Choose this Template button.
    Helpful Tip: The location of the Choose this Template button is at the bottom of the selected policy template page.
  6. Click the I Accept button.

  7. Edit the required customisable fields in the selected template.
    Helpful Tip: The policy template will show the available customisable fields in blue text.
  8. Click the Save as Draft button.
    Helpful Tip: The location of the Save as Draft button is at the bottom of the policy template page.
  9. Click the Is this Policy Mandatory tick box if you would like employees to acknowledge the new version of the policy.

  10. Choose the required sharing option:
    • Share to Everyone by setting the toggle switch to Yes.

    • Set the toggle switch to No and complete either of these sharing option fields:
      • Team.
      • Employing entity.
      • Employee.

  11. Click the Publish button.
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