Payroll admin email triggers


There are nine actions within the HR platform that will trigger a payroll administrator to receive an email.

Helpful Hint

You can manage your organisations payroll admins from the company details page. For further details on how this feature works. refer to the follwing article..

 To view the list of all emails sent from the HR Platform refer to the following article..


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Payroll Plan:   Standard   Premium


What triggers a payroll admin email

The following nine actions within the HR platform trigger an email for payroll administrators:

  • Deleting and/or updating approved timesheets.
  • Creation of a new employee.
  • Termination and/or reactivation of an employee.
  • Creation of a new salary record.
  • Updating and/or deleting a salary record.
  • Updating superannuation details.
  • Creating, deleting, or updating bank details.
  • Deleting an approved leave request.
  • Changing an approved leave request from approved to declined.
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