FAQ: What Triggers an Email to Payroll Admins


What actions in Employment Hero HR will cause payroll administrators to receive an email?


Available On:

✓ Free

✓ Standard

✓ Premium




The following actions within Employment Hero HR trigger an email for payroll administrators:

  • Deleting and/or updating approved timesheets.
  • Creation of a new employee.
  • Termination and/or reactivation of an employee.
  • Creation of a new salary record.
  • Updating and/or deleting a salary record.
  • Updating superannuation details.
  • Creating, deleting, or updating bank details.
  • Deleting an approved leave request.
  • Changing an approved leave request from approved to declined.
Helpful Tip: To set up a new payroll admin refer to this guide.
Helpful Tip: To view the list of all emails sent from the HR Platform refer to this guide.
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