FAQ: What is the Accrued Leave Report


What information can I view from the Accrued Leave report?

Warning: In order for you to use the Accrued Leave report, Employment Hero requires a connection to Employment Hero Payroll, a pay run processed and payslips published to the HR platform.
Important: To access the detailed Accrued Leave report, you need to click on any part of the pie chart under the Accrued Leave heading.

For details on how to access the Leave Taken report, refer to this article.


HR Plan:


✓ Standard

✓ Premium

✓ Platinum

Payroll Plan:

✓ Standard

✓ Premium


You can view your employee's leave type, the team they work in, the hours accrued, and the cost of those hours accrued.

How to Use the Accrued Leave Report

  1. Click the Reports menu.
  2. Click the Leave Report submenu.
    Helpful Tip: You will now see the overview page which displays the Accrued Leave and Leave Taken graphs.

  3. For additional reporting on accrued leave, click on the Accrued Leave graph.
  4. Use the following fields to customise the report:
    • Employee / contractor.
    • Leave category.
    • Team.
    Important: If you would like to run a report for all leave categories, you can do so by clicking the Reset button and then clicking the Filter button. This will clear all data stored in the filter fields and will allow you to run a report for all leave categories.

  5. Click the Filter button.
    Helpful Tip: Clicking the Download CSV button will download a copy of the generated report.
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