FAQ: How does InstaPay affect my pay


How does InstaPay affect my pay?


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There are two methods where InstaPay will affect your pay:

  • It will take a portion of your future salary and allow you to access it immediately.
  • It will mean that your future salary will be less, because InstaPay has taken a portion of it.


If InstaPay does not take the deduction from your pay slip, please contact your HR or Payroll Administrator.

Further Information

Withdrawl Conditions

The maximum InstaPay withdrawal amount available to an employee is $250 a week, while the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 per transaction. If an employee has earned less than $500 in wages for their pay period, the withdrawal amount available to the employee is half of their accrued wage.

Employment Hero calculates InstaPay weeks as a seven-day period, starting on the first day of your pay cycle.


If an employee’s available InstaPay balance is greater than $250, they will only be able to withdraw a maximum of $250 a week. If they wish to conduct another InstaPay withdrawal, the remaining balance will become available in the next seven-day period, and so on until the end of their pay cycle.

InstaPay Fees
Transaction Method Fee
Discounts page purchases using a combination of, Debit, Hero Dollars plus InstaPay. $0
Discounts page purchases using InstaPay only. $0
InstaPay withdraw. $2
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